Panthers: Why Study at Morton College?

Photo by Bianca Cataldo

by Bianca Cataldo

May 19, 2020

People every year, high schoolers, professionists, adults, parents, people that want to achieve a degree or need to obtain a specific certificate, have to decide where to study. “What is the best college, what is the best University to go to, or who offers the best course of study?” If you are thinking about studying at Morton College, you will not regret it.

When you get to Morton College, you are immediately aware of the opportunities this school offers, but to catch them you cannot sit on your hands! Morton College offers Career Programs, Transfer Programs, Adult Education, Online Learning, and even the opportunity to study Abroad!

Educational Experience

One of the strengths of Morton College is the quantity and variety of degrees, certificates and courses it offers. From the Associate in Applied Science, Accounting Degree, Associate in the Automotive Technology, Business Management, the CAD program, Computer Information Systems Degree, Early Childhood Education, Law Enforcement Education, the famous Nursing Program and much more, the school can truly help its students to reach the successful career they dream of.

Another strength of Morton College certainly consists in its professors, which are so prepared and ready to help and support their students. In fact, during office hours, professors are always reliable and ready to answer to any type of question. Most if not all Morton College professors really care about their students, and have a great personality! They are very talented and will truly open student’s eyes on how much they can do! Do not forget about the fact that Morton College is a community college. This makes it easy for students and professors to connect and makes lessons very easy to follow!

A quality educational experience is guaranteed! We already mentioned the variety of programs MC offers and the presence of lighthouse-professors, those who mark your life and teach you to see the world differently, but we didn’t mention yet the assistance that students can get from the “Tutoring Center” such as the Writing Center that can enhance student’s abilities even further. If students take advantage of what Morton College offers, they can really thrive.


Morton College’s Campus offers entertainment, experiences and events such us meetings with Universities, Educative Talks, or Talks with successful figures such as when the college hosted the Hollywood actor Luis Guzman! Therefore, Morton College is also a great opportunity to develop as a person. In fact, in addition to these meetings and talks, Morton College offers active student clubs and organizations, such as the National Society of Leadership and Success that will help you to develop other skills, without mentioning helping you to get Scholarships in the future. Moreover, through your Academic Achievements you can also become a PTK member, that will help you to get scholarships as well.

Much More

Morton College is a great college for personal and educational experiences. We explored, even if on a surface level, some of the educational opportunities and talked about the Campus, but Morton College is much more. Beautiful structure, organized library, a bookstore, Career Services, Counseling Services, a Fitness Center etc. It has everything a student might need.

Personal Experience

Morton College is a meeting place. It is a place where you will meet people of your community, but also a place where you will meet foreign students, from Ireland, Spain, France, and so on. It is a place of exchanging, that will provide you of a vast cultural experience. Students can meet in the Student Union, in the Library (which allows talking and provides tables in the back), in the Cafeteria, and I encourage you to do it! I encourage you to talk to as many people as possible, get to know your classmates, people that attend Morton College, your professors because this will truly make the biggest difference.

Moreover, to enjoy the College experience, students can also attend games, basketball games, soccer games, baseball games, in the MC Fintess Center to support the school team and meet with friends. Don’t sit on your hands, but make the best of this experience. Morton College is a Community College, it is cheap, it is close, it has a lot to offer, but many people tend to undervalue it. There is not a University or a College that is better or worse, everything can take you where you need to be. Don’t listen to anyone else, if not yourself, if you decided to enroll Morton College, you will surely enjoy this!

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