Black Lives Matter

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by Bianca Cataldo

May 28, 2020

The world is in shock after the latest episode of abuse of power in the States: The 40 years old George Floyd, known as “Big Floyd” by his friends and family, was brutally killed by police officers in Minneapolis.

The video that runs on the internet is horrifying. “Big Floyd” was a peace activist known by his community as someone to take advice from, someone that had your back. He was loved and respected by whoever knew him. This inflames people even more. His good reputation is reinforced also through a video taken by security cameras, it shows how G.F. didn’t even try to resist the officers. He was unarmed and handcuffed. Then, there is another video. It was not taken by security cameras, but by a shocked horrified viewer.

The video exploded on the internet and on social media. It shows a police officer immobilizing the man squeezing his neck with his knee, preventing him from moving and breathing. “I can’t breathe!” he kept groaning, “I can’t breath”. It was a desperate request for air, it was an expression of his pain, his suffering… in those pitiful last moments, he was aware of his imminent death “Please don’t kill me” he said. But the police officer didn’t move. He was sadistic. He kept pushing his knee against that neck, causing a rupture of his airways and consequent death for suffocation. G.F.’s eyes closed, he stopped begging.

The man was taken away by an ambulance and declared dead shortly after. From the video it is clear how the man was already lifeless before being taken away from the ambulance. A horrific video. A horrific death. His last moments pitiful, painful. He was a peace activist, he didn’t resist, he didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment, he didn’t have any guilt if not being black. This is the reason associated with his death. He was a peace activist, and he died for peace, he died for justice.

In fact, as the video exploded, as the story is understood, people explode too. People are inflamed for the death of an innocent. People all over the world are protesting, are requesting justice for Floyd. Anger, frustration, demand for justice. How is it possible that this happened? The two police officers involved in this murder have been fired, but this is not enough. They used unnecessary force, they abused of their position, they chocked an innocent man. It wasn’t the first time, he wasn’t the first victim, sadly he won’t be the last.

People are joining calling on the County Attorney to incarcerate the police officers. More than one million individuals signed an online petition. Would this be enough? Probably not. The problem was not the officer. The problem is a system, a mentality, racism. Disrespect for life. Punishing them? Just the first step. Life is a human right. Life should be considered and respected . That’s the base. Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

We will fight for you.

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