Faculty Advisor                        Karolis Zukauskas

                                    Publisher                                   Veronica Fernandez

                                   Editor-in-chief                          Irisneida Rodriguez

                                   Contributing Editor               Alyssa VanKuiken

The Morton Collegian is the community voice of Morton College. Our mission is to give students and alums of Morton College a platform for journalistic expression. We aim to reflect our community fairly and honestly, as we seek to build connection between our student body and other community colleges in the United States. We are entirely student run. 

Editorial Policy

In an effort to serve as a common ground of ideas, beliefs, and convictions of the Morton College student body, the Collegian strives relentlessly to print all sides of every issue; this is the purpose of these pages. Through editorials and commentaries we seek to simulate, not necessarily to reflect, student thought. While we do not delete viewpoints other than our own, we do reserve the right to revise or reject that which is deemed libelous, obscene, or in questionable taste. Unsigned editorials reflect a consensus or the Collegian Editorial Board, signed articles are the opinion of the writer only.

Collegian Letters Policy

The Collegian encourages all students, faculty, administrators, and classified staff to voice their views on all topics concerning them in and out of college. Letters should be typed, double-spaced, and should not exceed 200 words. All letters are subject to editing for grammar, style, libel and length. All letters must be signed although the author’s name may be withheld upon request. Author’s telephone number or address must accompany each letter. Messages can also be sent to the newspaper via e-mail.