Covid-19 Updates: Illinois Reopen Plan

Restore Illinois: Governor JB Pritzker announces five-phase plan ...
Photo Credit: Google Image

by Bianca Cataldo

May 9, 2020

Trying to find a balance between the need to restart economies and the fear of restarting Covid-19, Europe and America enter phase two. Everyone is slowly loosening the blocks and arranging measurements of social distancing. The situation is not the same everywhere. Illinois follows its own reopen plan.

The State will reopen in five phases. We are already in phase two and going to enter phase three. Pritzker says that the State will enter phase three once the number of infected and Covid-19 patients declines. Phase three is predicted to start on May 29.

Now, during phase two, we must keep social distancing, trying not to engage in unsafe interactions and we should keep wearing masks when going out. Once in phase three, non-essential workers such as barber shops, offices etc. will reopen and we will be able to see others by keeping safe distances and wearing masks .

If the number of cases keep declining, we might be able to enter phase four, where gatherings of people will be allowed; schools, child care, bars, restaurants will reopen, but face covering and social distancing will still be required. When a vaccine will be ready, we will enter phase five, where, even though there will be safety precautions, the economy will fully reopen.

This is a delicate plan; it is risky, but people are trying to get back their lives. There is the risk of restarting Covid-19, the risk of further deaths, the risk of going back to phase one, but if we are cautious, lucid and above all patient, everything will be normal again. Stay safe!

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