Cut Off from Social Life: Hindsight Selection

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The spread of Covid-19 and the context are factors of stress and burden for you and everyone else. In this period, we suddenly saw ourselves cut off from our social life. We can’t go to public places, we can’t see each other, we can’t touch each other, we must keep the distance.

By Bianca Cataldo

April 20, 2020

We hear words such as quarantine, isolation, and social distancing. In specific, we are told to limit our movements and contacts. However, we are not told to social isolate. Social distancing does not equal social isolation. In fact, the distance we have to keep is only physical.

We need to stay in contact with the people we love. It is true that to protect them and ourselves, we should avoid physical contacts, but it is also true that we can stay in touch through text messages, phone calls or even video calls.

Before this situation, we suffered from a loss of true contacts, a loss of the beauty in our relationships due to technology. It was like we devalued them, we devalued eye contact, touch, physical presence. We missed missing each other because we could always text in the mean time. We lost that desire or necessity of seeing the other person.

However now, we realize that maybe this wasn’t true. Now we miss it. We miss that direct contact, hearing each other’s voice, being in each other’s presence, and so maybe none of it was true. We did not see it, but we still valued others. We just took it for granted.

Technology was a way of staying in contact, but it never replaced the feeling of staying together! So now, something that was seen as an “enemy” for our relationships, it becomes a “friend”. Now technology is the way we can feel close again.

When social distancing started, we suddenly felt lonely. We felt lost, without having someone who came looking for us, at least at the beginning because, then, that someone came for everyone. Someone that was always there, or someone that surprised us. Someone that during this quarantine proved to be an essential part of our days.

In these periods inevitably comes out the truth of people, so, maybe we eliminated someone from our life, while someone else became our daily happiness. Someone was able to be close even if he was far. Someone else made these days special. It doesn’t matter if they were your parents, your siblings, your family, or that friend, that person made you feel happy, he found a way to stay close to you and make you smile.

From now on, you will know who’s really there. You will know who’s important to you. You will know who you thought about and who was thinking about you. So, call the people you love, text them, find a way to be close to them, to talk about your days and to go through this quarantine with them.

If they made you feel happy, it’s not a coincidence. When everything ends, we will know who’s really there. We will know who made us feel happy. After this, we will hold on to those who count.

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