Covid-19: The Race for the Vaccine

Un possibile vaccino "antinfluenzale universale" ha appena ...
Photo Credit: Google Image

by Bianca Cataldo

April 17, 2020

Harvard researches claim that coronavirus resembles a seasonal flu which returns each winter. It means that a single lockdown will not stop the pandemic, so that further lockdowns and social distancing measurements will be needed at least until 2022, if a vaccine is not found.

This situation is creating an heavy and stressful climate. When we check the updates, or when we hear the news, we see that around the world there are now more than 2 million cases! We see death. We constantly assist to the spreading of this virus, and it seems that the numbers don’t decrease, we don’t see the light yet, this curve doesn’t flatten.

We keep following these measurements, we keep making sacrifices, but we don’t see any light at the end of this tunnel. We know what we are facing now. We know how important it is to social distancing, but we also know that the vaccine will be our deus ex machina. We keep wondering when will coronavirus pandemic end. We don’t know yet if this virus will abate during summer months, like an average flu, but we know that scientists all over the world are working on a vaccine.

The whole world is waiting for it, the vaccine that will stop coronavirus. So, we now see a dim light, after scientists at the University of Oxford claimed they will have the vaccine ready by September 2020.

Experts are skeptical since vaccines take about 12 to 18 months to be developed, but the lead researcher for the vaccine, Sarah Gilbert, said that even though the timing is ambitious, it is achievable. Moreover, she assures that the vaccine has an 80% probability of success.

Since she thinks the vaccine has a strong chance of working, the team is already planning on producing it. Gilbert’s team has used the same technology for about 10 different vaccines, so they are not concerned. This vaccine is going to be tested on humans very soon, and by the mid of next month the trial will have 500 people in testing. They are determined to lead the world out of lockdown!

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