Embrace the Unexpected! What are you Afraid of?

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Beyond the “work, earn, spend” scheme, there is a lot more, there is your freedom, your time, a life to enjoy. Overcome your insecurities, and do what you want.

by Bianca Cataldo

Dec. 16, 2019

All I see is people pervaded by the terror of breaking their temporary balance. I see people filling their time instead of using it. Going outside the comfort range in scaring. Not having a schedule to follow is terrifying.

I listen to them. They believe that having a schedule makes them feel prepared and productive. They think that nothing can go wrong if they do what they are supposed to. They follow this strict auto-imposed schedule to feel safe and maintain their temporary balance.

Whoever escapes will lose his advantage and will drift.

But how can Someone Live a Life without Time?

There are many common fears, and these are all understandable feelings. In short, people are afraid of the unexpected because as static creatures, they don’t like to change.

This applies to every aspect of their personal life, and work. Some people avoid conversations because they are scared to be uninteresting, dull, or even wrong, and it also happens that they do not give themselves any chance to experience something new just because they think everything will go wrong. These are all psychological obstacles, dictated by insecurity.

These fears have the power to petrify, so that people always do the same things, so that there is never a change. Now, it’s time to do something completely revolutionary because no one can live a life without time.

I see people filling their time with things that they do not enjoy doing, but then they do not use their time to cultivate other aspects of their lives. They do not have time to spend with their family, no time to spend with friends, no time to cultivate their passions.

They follow their strict schedule avoiding every opportunity to grow and change. They are not flexible because they are afraid of escaping, but who says that escaping leads to failure? Sometimes unexpected things make the biggest difference, and escaping leads to success.

When you decide to enjoy your time, you become flexible and open minded, and so you give yourself the chance to live enriching experiences, unforgettable moments and even the chance to discover your passions, and build a satisfying and successful career. Embrace the unexpected! You won’t regret it.

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