Everyone is Perfect

Photo Credit: Alan Seabra

There is a controversy about the idea of perfection. Many people feel discouraged by it, and others see it as the right push to challenge their limits.

by Bianca Cataldo

Dec. 12, 2019

That “canon” of perfection is merely a caricature. It is just an idea, an utopia, an image. We define it as the absence of flaws, so that it becomes an enemy, unreachable, and unreal.

Leonard Cohen, a singer, poet, and novelist, once said that “there is a crack in everything. It is from there that light enters.”

The mistake, the imperfection are the elements that make the distinction and allow us to become unique and different from everyone else. It means that it is from our flaws and mistakes that light enters because every single imperfection makes us who we are.

The idea of perfection, based on the connotation we give to it, cannot be reached. However, we can see it from another perspective.

The idea of perfection can become the engine that pushes us to improve day after day. In fact, we can always excel, and reach our maximum potential, and therefore reach our own personal perfection.

It is indeed from our mistakes and flaws that we learn, and we become a better version of ourselves. Throughout our lives, little by little, we approach that ideal that everyone seeks.

No one should ever feel limited or discouraged by seeking perfection. We should rather redefine this idea by not seeing it as the absence of mistakes, but perceiving it as a challenge and a future personal growth. In the end, we are all perfect if we are the best version of ourselves.

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