Meet Your New Editor-in-Chief

Bianca M. Cataldo is our new Editor-in-Chief ! Who is she?

by Collegian Staff

Nov. 20, 2019

What brings you to Morton College?

I moved from Italy two years ago, and graduated from Morton West, so I decided to enroll at Morton College. I am currently pursuing an associate degree in the Sciences. I must say I am enjoying MC so far since it is full of resources: I love the library, the Student Union, the piano rooms on the first floor, and the professors, which are prepared and engaging .

Why are you interested in journalism?

I love to express myself: I play musical instruments, paint, make portraits, and I write. I think that writing is the most effective form of expression because it manifests feelings, thoughts and ideas that can be clearly communicated to everyone.

Journalism is interesting since it does not only allow people to express their own ideas, but also let them discuss urgent topics and quotidian. In fact, I believe that Journalism can open your eyes about today’s real world since it makes you challenge everyone else’s truth to find your own.

What are some issues that you care about?

I am curious about Social, Psychological or Medical research, indeed, I am also interested in experiments or studies which turn to be meaningful for people. Moreover, I am particularly captivated by scientific, or technological progress. Eventually, I support personal growth and evolution.

Help us with that. Many students haven’t heard of Symbolic Interactionism!

Symbolic interactionism provides a foundation for understanding the meaning of symbols in human interactions.

It is a theory developed in the Sociological field focused on understanding the processes through which people become members of Society. More specifically, it is based on interpretation as interpretation of gestures or interpretation of actions.

It is interesting that they conclude that humans are the result of interactions since our behaviors, traditions, gestures are shaped by society. This theory probably opposes to the American ideal of “rugged individualism”, however, I am more likely to support symbolic interactionism because I strongly believe that no one becomes who he is by himself.

What are your plans for after Morton College?

I don’t know how the world is going to change, but I think I have strong foundations, and I am excited and happy when I think about my future.

For now, I plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Architecture maybe at the Illinois Institute of Technology. After that, I’d like to specialize in Design since my dream is to be a designer. I hope to have a successful career and a satisfying personal life in future, and that’s all I can hope for.

I can’t plan everything because I’ll never know what’s going to happen, but I’ll do my best “good things come to those who work hard”!

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