Happiness is a Choice

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What it feels like to be happy? Happiness seems something unreachable, it seems abstract, so unreal sometimes. People keep pursuing this feeling because they don’t imagine how concrete it already is in their lives.

by Bianca Cataldo

Dec. 4, 2019

What is happiness?

Many people do not even know how to define happiness because, in reality, they have never asked themselves what happiness is. Many people just see it as the absence of sufferance, and others just make the mistake of believing that happiness depends on what surrounds us.

If we stop and think about it, there are many people that have billions of reasons to be unhappy, but they are happy, and others that have plenty of opportunities to be completely happy, but they are not.

It means that happiness comes from within. It depends on us, so we only have to decide to be happy. The truth is that happiness is a state of mind; therefore, it can never depend on others.

How can we choose to be happy?

The key to happiness seems so abstract and mysterious, but in reality, it is so easy to be happy that we do not see it! Matthieu Ricard is considered to be one of the happiest person on this planet. He is a Buddhist monk, and one of the fundamentals of Buddhism is to appreciate what we have, and detach ourselves from the excess.

Matthieu Ricard says “We deal with our mind from morning till evening, and it can be our best friend or our worst enemy.”

Our mistake is that we are always looking at what we do not have, rather than what can bring us joy in the moment. Enjoying what we have or can get with little effort seems almost impossible, but it is what would make us happy by liberating us from feelings of anxiety, rejection, or frustration. We have to give ourselves what we need, and enjoy it.

In general, we can enjoy every single day if we face it with the maximum of openness, energy, and will to live. Live fully. If we are open, willing to take the opportunities that life gives us, and appreciating what we have, we will be happy. It is a choice. It is our choice.

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