Narcissistic Generation: Empty Sparkle on Social Media

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Social networks are the ideal breeding ground for feeding and bringing out all of the insecurities of our generation

by Bianca Cataldo

Nov. 3, 2019

Narcissism is a personality disorder. Narcissistic people seek power and admiration, they have the presumption of superiority, and tend to exploit others since they are unable to empathize.

Dr. Joann Ponder observes that Narcissism is mostly a defensive behavior “against feelings of marginalization and inadequacy, stemming from experiences of prejudice, loss, and exclusion in the past. “

It is important to notice that these feelings of marginalization and exclusion are more likely to develop in an environment that boosts individualism and self-promotion.

Social media increment the possibilities for self-promotion which contributes to exacerbate this disorder. Consequently, we are living in an increasing narcissistic society.

Swansea University collaborated with Milan University to observe personality variations in a sample of social media users. They proved that “individuals who used social media excessively, through visual postings, displayed an average 25% increase in narcissistic traits.”

Dr. Roberto Truzoli, professor of Milan University explains how “the lack of immediate ‘direct’ social censure, may offer [individuals] the opportunity to inflict aspects of their narcissistic personality, present themselves in a grandiose manner, and realize fantasies of omnipotence.”

The correlation between social media and narcissism occurs because narcissistic expectations find an amplified social response, that is, that they are gratified. Therefore, these platforms lead to a dramatization of the problem.

It is only an empty sparkle. People tend to portray themselves in a grandiose manner. They do not tell the whole truth, rather hide their insecurities.

They seek attention and gratification, but do they really get that?

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