Discover our Art Program

The professor of the art department Michael Nedza talks about some of the art courses offered at Morton College.

by Bianca Cataldo

Oct. 28, 2019

When people walk around the halls of our College, the first thing they probably see is how much we value art in our school. Paintings, portraits and photographs adorn our walls. We have sculptures and unusual objects on campus.Morton College offers a broad variety of courses focused on the arts, so all students and eligible community residents can take advantage.

I talked with Michael Nedza, professor of the art department.

“In these [art] classes you learn about the history: theater history, music history, and art history. You learn how the art style changes, and how the historical aspect of the world influences it. Then, you can take a painting class. You can take a drawing class, watercolor class. You can take ceramics or sculpture. These are called studio classes, where you actually learn how to do art…For music you can take a piano class, and we have also acting classes and a backstage course.”

He also confirmed that the artworks we see exposed in our school come mostly from the students.

“The paintings that were done by students are hanging in the cafeteria. The collection of painting down the hall on the third floor is prints, lithographs, and photographs related to Mexican culture.

“In the way that our Latino students can embrace their heritage, but there are also many artworks that the school purchased from galleries. They usually have plaques that explain the art piece. They are in the study rooms, and in the library, but there are also many posters. They are just posters to make the school look colorful and nice”. 

Through art, we learn about our history and our heritage. Knowing where we come from makes us aware of the world that we live in, aware of the role that we have to play in it, and aware of who we truly are.

Nedza is indeed enthusiastic:

“I am so lucky to teach in the class! I think I open you guys to think at the world differently. When you actually experience music, or film, or theater, and at the end of the semester you say oh I get it!

“If I can make even one person to see something differently (without me telling him) then, I win. It’s just making you come up with your own opinion, and you own decision whether you agree or disagree, whether you like something or you don’t…and it is important especially for your generation: music and movies. Can you imagine a world without music? I can’t!”


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