Take a Course in Berlin This May and June


By Marcela Ruiz

The deadline to finalize payment for this summer’s Humanities 150 in Berlin is February 15,2017.

This will be Morton College’s first time in Berlin, Germany. The program was created in partnership with Walking Tree Travel and is part of the Humanities 150 credit course. It is open to all members of the Morton College district who have a GED or high school diploma.

Students will experience Berlin as locals while they survey various forms of art.

The journey is scheduled to last 15-days, from May 28th to June 11th 2017.  Students will experience Berlin as locals, but as students they will survey various forms of art, from painting and sculpture to architecture, photography, fine art, performance art and music. The trip includes entrance to the city’s best museums, a concert and several tours, including afternoons at the Bauhaus archives and the KW Institute. The course requires a novel, Pavel and I by Dan Vyleta, and a film, Wim Wenders’ The Wings of Desire.

For more information about the program, contact Marlena Avalos-Thompson or visit the information page on Walking Tree Travel.

Photo of the Brandenburg Gate from Wikipedia.

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