Student Trustee Goal to Raise $4,000 for Hope Scholarship


By Marcela Ruiz

In times when the media has been singling out DACAmented and undocumented students, The HOPE Scholarship is committed to support these students to continue their education at Morton College.

“I wanted to be the person who knows and shares with others.”

As the Student Trustee, Andrea Chavarria decided to continue The HOPE Scholarship 5k fundraiser to raise money for students who are not eligible for federal aid. She wants the annual race to become a tradition, an event Morton College students look forward to every year.

“When you don’t know the resources available, you have to ask and I wanted to be that person who knows and shares with others” Chavarria said when asked about the reasons she believes in this scholarship. “When you get involved, meet people, it motivates you a lot” she added.

In addition to filing to obtain the permits needed for the race, Chavarria has made great efforts to find additional resources to accomplish her goal. On January 25, she announced The World’s Largest Laundromat donated $500 towards the scholarship.
Since 2012 the Morton College community has also responded positively demonstrating their support by making donations in labeled boxes inside the cafeteria.

This year The HOPE Scholarship 5k will take place on Sunday, April 23 at Morton West High School. Chavarria hopes to reach her goal by the end of this semester, as she will be transferring to UIC to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.

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