Illinois Keeps Working to Flatten the Curve We Are The Champions

Chicago's 'We Are The Champions' Singalong Unites Us In COVID-19 ...
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by Bianca Cataldo

March 31, 2020

No one seems to be immune to the Coronavirus. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker will extend the State’s stay-at-home order until April 30th, in order to avoid to overwhelm the hospitals. The key to save lives is again to prevent the spreading of this virus. He says “We need to maintain our course and keep working to flatten the curve.”

We should listen.

First of all, we should stop to underestimate Covid-19. It was underestimated when it started, in China, it was again underestimated when it got to Italy, it was underestimated from Europe, UK and even USA! We all underestimated it even after seeing what happened and what’s happening.

We all know the data. Around 850,000 cases and 40,000 deaths worldwide. Almost 190,000 cases in the U.S. followed (in order) by Italy (105,000), Spain (95,000), China (80,000), Germany (70,000), France (50,000), and so on. Everyday we register new cases. It is a pandemic, which probably won’t stop until we find a vaccine. If we had taken precautions from the beginning probably now we wouldn’t be in this situation. If people didn’t travel when this virus started, probably it would never have gotten to Germany, Italy, France, Spain and so on. It wouldn’t be here. But now this is the situation and we have to overcome it together.

Yes we are quarantined! And we must follow Pritzker’s stay-at-home order because now we know that this virus cannot be underestimated, not again. So, stay at home! You’re not trapped at home, rather you are safe at home.

Wednesday March 25th, the city of Chicago was full of people. People were gathering, walking, running along Lake Michigan, enjoying the warm weather. Why? Why would someone do that? Gatherings of people are banned. Gatherings of people need to be avoided! We need to be physically separated, social distancing. But think how united we truly are! Each one of us is essential, each one of us plays a role in preventing the spreading of COVID-19.

Pritzker’s stay-at-home order mandates people to stay in their houses, maintain social distance of at least six feet from others while in public and limit their travel to meet essential needs. Only grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies are open. I know how difficult it gets, everyone has down moments, but if we are united, all of it will end soon. We should not let this period to be further extended, we have to stay at home now!

Stay at home for yourself and for all the people that go to work still, for all the medical workers that are in contact with this virus to save lives, for all the doctors that struggle, do not go home, do not sleep because the hospitals are overwhelmed and because they sacrifice to save our lives. Respect and help them. Thank you to all of these medical workers, and to all of the people that are working at the grocery store, or at gas stations, and also to all the people that do their part by staying at home. We are all essential. We will overcome this period if we stay united.

That same day, inspired by Italians singing from their balconies, on March 25th locked-down Chicagoans decided to cope with social distancing together: that day, everyone could hear claps, bells and cheers and see a game of lights from South Loop apartments. Now, the neighbors punctually unite at 8 pm playing music, singing and flashing lights to support each other. Friday night they decided to play Queen’s “We are The Champions”. And we really are. We really are the champions when we are supporting each other.

“We are social distancing, but man, I feel closer to the neighborhood than ever before.” Even if we are physically distant, when we are so united for a cause, we are closer than ever, “and man” we will overcome this.

One thought on “Illinois Keeps Working to Flatten the Curve We Are The Champions

  1. So devastating to see what’s happening in Italy right now, but such spirit! Hopefully people follow the sound advice so articulately outlined here, and continue to do what we can to help each other!

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