COVID-19 "I Want You"

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by Bianca Cataldo

March 22, 2020

This is a world that always runs and never stops! People live busy lives with packed schedules and they always run… to school, to work… Stop! Streets are empty. Schools, gyms, malls, everything closes. Ghost towns. It seems a movie, it is an apocalyptic scenario, an unprecedented situation. But it is a worldwide situation. This is not something trivial, things are getting really crazy. Coronavirus cases top 300,000 worldwide with more than 10,000 deaths! 30,000 cases, 400 deaths and almost 800 people in critical conditions only in the U.S.

It is a hecatomb. It is a war, but we are not fighting it with weapons, rather by staying at home. Now we are called to stay at home and to social distancing. Wherever people followed these strategies, the spreading of COVID-19 slowed down! So, right now, this is the most straight-forward and maybe fastest way to fight it and to prevent further deaths. These are all strategies to slow the spread of this virus, this is all we have at the moment. If people keep recovering, and there are no more new cases, we might even stop Coronavirus and go back to our normal lives!

Join the fight! I know how it feels right now. It is a sacrifice. We were living a frenetic and full life, we always ran, we didn’t have time for ourselves! And now, we are on the other extreme, where everything is frozen and we just have to stay at home, we are left with ourselves and everything else just disappears. The school, the workplace for many of you, the gym, the mall, there is none of it.

Now, you just move for essential needs, you go to the grocery and even there, the scenario is apocalyptic! The streets are almost empty, no traffic. The shelves of the grocery store are almost empty as well, you don’t find water, stores are even running out of pans! Because people were not used to cook, they used to eat out, or to eat fast food. They didn’t have time to cook, or to eat!

Maybe we needed to stop. So, 2020 brought us a pandemic that stopped us. Now, we have the time to think and really understand how, in our everyday life, we don’t take time, we don’t know how to take time, but we take everything for granted. We never appreciated what we have, while now even going to the grocery is a joy because it’s the only time you go out! Now, we have to social distancing and we notice how far we already were! Maybe after this period, we’ll know the value of what and who we have.

In the end, we will know how to appreciate things. We’ll go back to school, we’ll go back to work, we’ll be able to go to the mall again, to Starbucks, to McDonald’s, to downtown, we’ll see each other again, we’ll hug each other again! But for now, we must protect ourselves and protect everybody else. That’s our time to be selfless, to stop, and to think. When everything ends, we’ll be new people, we’ll be people that know how to sacrifice, people that fought a war, like our ancestors. So “I want you” to fight.

Today we stay at home. Tomorrow we’ll be stronger.

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