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The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is a regional accreditor for Morton College and other institutions that looks at the institution as a whole to assure the students receive the highest quality educational experience. In 2018, Morton College accreditation was in doubt, in fact the HLC decided to put the institution “on notice” since it was not meeting one or more Criteria of Accreditation.

by Bianca Cataldo

March 20, 2020

Morton College has to host a Notice Evaluation within April 2020 to show improvements on the criteria it did not previously meet. Reading HLC’s action letter, these criteria concerned the governing board of the institution and the operation and behavior of its board members.

In fact, one of the board’s policies that was not followed in the past was to schedule regular board meetings due to schedule contrasts with its board members.

However in the meantime, Morton College has been working to ameliorate those aspects, and it was engaged in improving the governing board. From 2018, each forth wednesday of the month, Morton College held regular meetings of the Board of Trustees on campus at 11:00 a.m. and everyone was welcome to attend.

This spring the HLC was going to make an evaluation that will lead to a decision about the College this fall (November 2020).

What is important to know is that a College or University that is on sanction is still accredited, so Morton College is accredited, which means that other Colleges or Universities will accept the Institution’s credits in transfer or for admission. If the college closes or loses its accreditation, a degree earned or a course completed (while the college was accredited) is and remains valid.

Please note that when a college loses its accreditation, a degree earned after that, will not be accepted by other institutions, and therefore does not have value. Moreover, the institution loses every further federal and state funding.

So, we still have to take action to save the college! Although the meetings of the board were far more regular than before, there are still members that complained about the schedule, and about the fact that the meetings were held in the mid of the day. So, it is important to pick a time that works for everyone, and it is also important to elect members that can attend the meetings and that are responsible and committed to the college.

Losing Morton College will hurt the community because it is an amazing institution, and most important it is very affordable for a community with low-income. We have everything we need structure-wise and concerning the staff. So, this school will not lose its accreditation, we cannot allow it. Morton College is worthy!

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