New Online Class: Survey of Film History


By Collegian Staff

Morton College will this summer offer a new online class: Humanities 153, Survey of the History of Film.

This class satisfies most Humanities requirements. It is traditionally offered in a discussion and lecture format in the Spring. Professor Karolis Zukauskas (known by most students as Mr. Z) has been teaching it since 2006. This summer he’ll be leading the online version. The course will be available online only during the summers.

“In the summer, an online format can offer working students or students with children the ability to pace themselves in a more flexible way.”

Summer classes are taught over 8 weeks instead of the usual 16. While they offer convenience, they can also make time-management challenging, particularly because the meetings come in 3-6 hour “chunks” of class time.

“In the summer, an online format can offer working students or students with children the ability to pace themselves in a more flexible way,” Zukauskas said. “In an online film class, students can do all the homework on a computer, including watching the films. They don’t have to commute to campus at all, and the material costs for the course are low.”

The Survey looks at film from a chronological perspective, beginning with silent films and culminating with digital animation. As part of assignments, students will view classics like Casablanca, The Great Train Robbery and Blade Runner. Also on the syllabus are controversial works like Full Metal Jacket, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Her.

To register for this class, speak to your advisor. If you have questions, you can e-mail Mr. Zukauskas.

Image from Wikipedia.

Welcome to the New Collegian


I’m happy to announce, as the Faculty Advisor to the Morton Collegian, the launch of this website, which has been a semester-in-the-making. Creating it has been a labor of love. Now Morton College has its own 100% student-run online journal.

Writing for a student paper can be a lot of fun. At the Collegian, it will be an experience in contemporary media. I encourage all students interested in joining our staff to please contact the editor-in-chief. Likewise, I encourage students who simply want to function as occasional contributors to contact the editor.

What are we looking for? The mission of the Morton Collegian is to give students a voice. We are interested in your concerns, tastes, observations, interests, opinions and experiences. As we grow and expand, we hope to review books and film, music and art, as we also profile students, faculty and staff. We are also interested in articles about alumni, or personal essays written by alumni of the college.

When you read articles you like or the kind that give a voice to your concerns, we hope you will share them with your friends on social media. We also hope that you add the Collegian to your online reading lists. It will be the place to turn when you want Morton news.

Photo of Carolus’ “Relation”, the first newspaper, from Wikipedia