Morton College’s Sociology Department Holds Open Forum for Students to Voice Concerns About Trump’s Actions

By Domingo Xavier Casanova

On February 8th, just before 11 A.M, The Morton College’s Sociology Department held an open forum in the Student Union for students, faculty and staff to voice their opinions on current political matters.

Sociology Professor Benjamin Drury, took the initiative to organize the event. He stated: “I saw a need for a safe environment for all students to share their views regarding current issues facing them and their families and I went with it.”

Drury welcomed both Trump supporters and non-Trump supporters to the forum, but gave everyone one rule: “This conversation will be civil. This conversation will be professional, and this conversation will be absolutely collegial.”

He then asked students to rate Donald Trump’s first three weeks as president on a scale from 1-10.

The majority gave Trump an unfavorable rating. The audience discussed Trump’s plans on education and Betsy Devos. Some cited his comments against women, different races, and limiting the options LGBT community has on adoption.

Melissa Favela, a sophomore majoring in nursing, said that she wasn’t originally afraid, but that her fear has been rising since the Trump’s election, “Especially because I see all these different views on Trump and it can cause a lot of chaos.”

Some students had a modest approach to the President, giving him a 5. As one student explained, “He’s doing a lot of the things he promised….it’s not saying that they’re good things he’s doing, but he’s actually doing something.”

Trump’s presidency has been a moment of inspiration for many students to get politically involved. Alexis Trejo, a freshman, said “I feel more inclined to know what’s going on…No matter how upset I get, I feel like I have to know.”

The forum was concluded by Drury’s encouragement to follow websites with objective eyes by not being misled because of believing in all internet information. He concluded: “To be honest, I see nothing but good coming in the future….It won’t be an easy task getting there, but by working together, listening to each other, and protecting one another we will make it through this.”

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